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Property Management

Our real estate professionals work with landlords and tenants in the Farmington area to provide property management services. This includes cleaning services for common areas and units, exterior property cleaning and landscaping, HVAC and structural repairs, and overall maintenance. We have a network of contractors we work with to accomplish specific goals for your property. From cutting the grass to pest removal or appliance repair, we’ll work with you to make sure your tenants are comfortable and your property is presentable and appealing for prospective tenants.

Tres Rios Properties can also assist you with tenant agreement issues, including non-payment of rent, tenant disputes, unauthorized inhabitants, and investigation of activities that may be breaking the lease agreement. Our knowledgeable team will approach the situation and notify you of our findings so you can decide what the next steps should be. If you have empty, damaged, or evicted properties, we can secure them for you until repairs can be made or new tenants move in.

We are available for support whenever you need us and can customize our property management services in Farmington to suit your specific requirements. For more information or to set up a property management schedule, contact Tres Rios Properties to speak to our qualified staff members.

2713 E 20th Street, Suite E Farmington, NM 87402